People tend to talk, think and write about the things they do most frequently or that matter to them most, yet very few people write about that little chamber we travel to so many times a day. And yet, as we spend so much time in there, it’s important that we have the best toilet possible, isn’t it?

Traveling around the world for my job, I’ve seen, tried and tested my share of toilets. From tall toilets to compact toilets, corner toilets and eco-friendly toilets, I’ve sat on them all. I’ve also learned that not all toilets are created equal and that what’s the best toilet for one person, may not be the most comfortable throne for another.

This site is dedicated to finding the best toilet for everyone out there and all the things you need to do to get and keep it going.

And I might add some funny toilet facts from time to time as well.

Take a seat, get comfortable and have a look around!