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We all want to keep our water bill low, but sometimes you just need that little bit of extra flush. The American Standard H2Option toilet gives you the choice to use either 1.28 or 1.6 GPF. But that’s not all it does. Let’s have a look.

American Standard H2Option review

1. Features

Water saving dual flush

The American Standard H2Option comes with a dual flush system that allows you to choose between using 1.6 GPF or using a water saving 1.28 GPF. The dual flush buttons on top of the toilet are chrome-plated, adding a bit of fancy to the toilet’s look.

Pressurized PowerWash rim and siphon jet

When pushing one of those buttons, water flows from the tank to the toilet’s rim chamber, creating a pressure which then pushes the water through holes in the rim. The holes are placed in such a way that the water is pushed all around the bowl, cleaning it while getting rid of all the waste.

Aside from the pressurized rim, this toilet is also equipped with a siphon jet that both flushes the water directly into the bowl while sucking out the waste from the bottom. The benefit of this system is that the water level in the toilet remains the same while flushing, giving waste less of a chance to stick to the bottom of the bowl.

ADA compliant

With a toilet bowl height of 16.5″, this  H2Option toilet is just ADA compliant, making it a good fit – literally – for most adults. The seat doesn’t come included.

Speed Connect installation system

If you’re not handy but also don’t want to spend money on a plumber, you’ll love this American Standard toilet’s Speed Connect installation system. The H2Option comes with pre-installed bolts and grommets. All you need to do is fix it to the ground.

EverClean surface

As most modern American Standard toilets, the inside of the H2Option’s bowl is glazed with an EverClean surface that both prevents things from sticking (or growing) on it and makes it easier to clean.

How to clean American Standard Everclean toilet?
Very easy: just squirt in some toilet cleaner, brush the surface gently and then flush. Don’t use a cleaner that you need to leave in the bowl for a while nor any of those that you have to drop in the tank.

2. Product specifications

Item weight: 92 pounds
Shipping weight: 99.2 pounds
Dimensions: 15 x 29.5 inches
Flush type: dual siphonic flush and PowerWash
Bowl shape: choice between elongated and round
Color: white, linen or bone
Material: vitreous china
Rough in: 12″
Seat included? no
Water consumption: choice between 1 GPF and 1.6 GPF
ADA compliant? yes
WaterSense Certified? yes
Warranty: limited 2-year warranty

3. Pros

The H2Option has a powerful flush that gets rid of #1 and #2 effortlessly. The Speed Connect system also makes it very easy to install.

4. Cons

Despite this toilet’s powerful flush, it doesn’t clean the bowl as well as it flushes out the waste. Regular cleaning is necessary if you want your toilet to keep is “as clean as new” look.

5. Summary

The  American Standard H2Option is a great choice for those looking for a Comfort Height toilet that allows them the option to flush at 1.28 GPF and at 1.6 GPF. While it will need frequent cleaning, it doesn’t need a plumber to get installed, saving you some money.

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